About me

Would you describe yourself as a musician or poet?

Neither.  My command of the English language is probably not sufficient enough to write poetry (LOL).  However, I do believe that it is good enough for the purpose of expressing my feelings, desires, life observations and observations of my inner world.  Well, on a certain level as I reflect upon it, we may call it poetry! 

With regards to me being a musician?  Again, my ability to play guitar or piano is also limited in the sense that I don’t have any formal music education whatsoever nor have I had a music teacher in any true form.  I have knowledge of a fair number of chords that appear sufficient to me to compose music.  In short, I feel that I have enough tools and materials to be able to express myself linguistically and musically.

Alberto Cieplik
Should I take it that your songs are written in the first person?

Yes, they are all written in the first person. Even when they appear in “another” person (Is It You, I’ve Heard You Said, A Postcard), they always refer to me and my experiences. They are true songs.  I can only refer to myself and my experiences when I’m writing.   “My experiences” are things that I’ve observed or learned from an event or occurrence.  They apply mainly to myself, and at the same time to the world and people around me. In the end we are all the same. Whatever I see in another person, it certainly applies to me, and whatever I see in me, it also applies to another person.  We are mirrors of one another.

Aren’t you afraid that in a sense you are exposing your feelings?

Not really. As I said, a number of listeners will be able to relate to what my songs are about and what I’m trying to convey. Even if there is only one person out there who does this, that would understand what I’m singing about, that would be good enough for me.

You mentioned your “inner world”.  What do you mean by that?

That’s what’s happening inside of me. My inner world, all our inner worlds big mysteries. I spend a lot of time over there in my own inner world.  When I am just idling about in the city/region/world within myself here is what is involved.  It includes day dreaming, my uncontrolled imagination, my fears and grievances.  I essentially just follow the easy path of associations.  They are all “in my head”.  They are all about this imaginary me (Is It You).  I really don’t have to go to a movie theatre.  Observing what happens inside of me is a quite interesting film. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Sometimes I get lost in these little dark alleys of my mind (fear sadness).  Sometimes I’m wandering along in beautiful meadows and beaches (happiness).  A lot of things happen in my head…  Even my feelings go there.  We all have this “I, Me, Mine” sort of thing, as George Harrison sings.

You said that you try to convey something.  What is it?

Many things, but mainly I’m singing about cherishing the moment, enjoying it, being there for it.

We go through life with this tunnel vision in this kind of a stupor, while there are so many interesting and beautiful things happening around us (While I Was Sleeping). 

It seems to me that somebody programmed us in such a way that we are not able to see the reality as it is.  Who wants us to be in this state of slumber?  I wish I knew.  We are not even ourselves (Devil’s Fun).  “Nothing is real” as John Lennon sings

I noticed that in some of your songs you sing... well I have an impression that you’re addressing the song to a woman or maybe your muse, a female character of some sort.

Yes, it seems like it.  Actually, I refer to moments of grace. (I never thought about it, but, yes, you are right, she must be female).  Moments when the grass is greener, when the sky is the sky and when the wind caresses your skin and when the mind is quiet.  I am pleased to meet these moments (A Moment, Grace, Yellow Bike), I welcome them all, I want them to stay longer and I want to be there for them and I’m thankful that they come to me.

So, what’s next?

I don’t know.  Now I’m looking for the next lamp post. I’m waiting for these moments of inspiration.  I have to be patient, I can’t force them to come.  It seems like “A Long And Winding Road”, that’s Paul McCartney of course.

You mentioned The Beatles several times...

Yes, they are my main inspiration for my music.  Naturally inspiration enters our life in various forms.

Referring to inspiration, what is your creative process like?

I would not call it a process.  Words come to me while I’m walking, driving, when I’m in bed or reading.  Often it is just bits and pieces.  Sometimes they’re a single word, sometime it is a sentence.  It even happens occasionally that a whole verse manifests itself.  I write them on a piece of paper.  They became a kind of foundation.  Then eventually I build upon these pieces.  I put them together and then a musical creation develops. 

In one piece?


Which is the song that you have written that is your favorite and why?

Honestly, I cannot make this distinction. There are all my babies!

At the beginning you said that your command of English is not is not sufficient to write poetry.  Why is that?

Well, English is the fourth language that I have learned in my life.  My mother tongue was Italian.  Then when I went to school, I was required to learn Spanish.  Then my, family moved to Poland so I was immersed in the Polish language.  English was never a priority or opportunity in my life until I moved to Canada in my adult life.

Four languages, not bad...

Just happened.  Life provided me great opportunities to learn them.  Like everything else, things just seem to happen!

An interview that took place downtown Toronto with Alberto Cieplik after the release of his “I” Sightings album.  Held by the local carpenter.